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Written on: Saturday, January 23, 2010
Time: 12:09 AM

I've moved blogging to Tumblr. ;)
Please re-link me.
Sorry for the inconvenience much.


See you there, readers!
Sorry for the VERY, i mean it, VERY long M.I.A.

Eff Love?
Written on: Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Time: 3:14 AM

Hot oven-like, sweaty, greasy hair, sticky skin.
Not what I've really expected.
But, I had great fun!

Firstly, I just want to say, I'm super busy and super tired. I just can't wait for finals to end. I've studied and tried my best. So, lets just sit and watch whats next, aite? (:

Had steamboat buffet last week. Or was it last two weeks? It was so fun, I'm telling you. We had steamboatm bbq and grilling. Ahh, those grilled seafood. && I had durian ice cream. Heeheeee.

Calvin and Khairy getting busy. Serving the ladies.

These are the people that practically save my life. Save me from being emotional. & I thank you all for that.
Now, lets look at "part" of the food we took. I ate a lot. & that explains my fat arms. Sigh.

When you're munching on seafood, how could you resist crabs? Seriously.

And some of these. Are my favourite :D

Anyone up for Dim-sums & some unique filling fish balls?

And this was how our steamboat/grilling session looks like. This post is making me hungry. Sigh

Prawns, squids, chicken sate, curry chicken. Anyone up for that? :)

&, at the end of the day, this was the amount of food we ate. And look how messy are we.
And calvin, I'm not a monster. I don't eat like a monster.


I just can't wait to fly to Melbourne on the 19th November. Off for 3 months. Time to have a vacation and clear things off my mind. :)

Oh My God
Written on: Sunday, November 1, 2009
Time: 7:18 AM

Hey. :|

I know I know. I'm sorry for the VERY VERY VERY late updates. I'm just being tooo lazy to update and very busy. This semester is really killing me. I just hope the next sem, wouldn't be such a bitch. No?

My next update? I want to update about some bikini shots. How? No bikini shots. :( Boyf don't want to take bikini shots for me. Sigh. No promise, but I will bug the shit outta him to take several bikini shots of me.

&& yes! I'm flying to Melbourne, Australia on the 19th Nov - 2nd Jan. I'll make sure I'll take pictures and update it here. There are so many things I want to buy. Seriously.
Need to get a pretty beach hat.
Hope the next sem wouldn't start so fast. I want to go on a holiday with my colletemates! ;(


Its You
Written on: Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Time: 7:08 AM

Believe it or not, I fell in love with you. Despite the things you put me through, i put you through, you're still the one I'm so in love with.
But at times, I guess, we should put a stop already. Getting back together and argueing everyday is not the solution. Hanging up on each other is not the solution.
Yes, I miss you. Yes, I love you. Wait.. no I'm IN LOVE with you, Teuku Emiraldi. But, I guess this is where we really really have to say goodbye.
I wish you the best in life and the things you do. I'm sorry things ended up like that. I really miss you and our memories. So, please cherish them. I'm flying off to Australia, Melbourne on 19th November till January. So, I hope this period, you'll be a better person. Take care of yourself.
I love you, still do, always.

Written on: Monday, October 5, 2009
Time: 9:36 AM

He said, "I love you."
She replied, "I love you too."

Yes, I'm more than happy.
No more dramas.
Yes, mind you, NO MORE.

Sure As Hell.
Written on: Sunday, October 4, 2009
Time: 2:58 AM

Even though its over,
I'm not available.
Not to anyone.

Because I love you. I always have, and always will.

Its About Time..
Written on: Friday, October 2, 2009
Time: 10:40 AM


Basically I don't like and enjoy who and what I've become. I didn't eat properly for 3 days. If you considered a slice of bread in the morning at 7, and all the way until 7 in the evening and a bowl of cold soup, or the very next day would be slice of bread and a hot milo all the way until 10 at night and some warm water till 4.30 in the morning, despite the fact that i was doing my assignment till 5 in the morning and woke up at 6.30 in the morning, or half bowl of oats untiil 3 in the afternoon, "indomee kecil" until 1:45 in the morning.

Not to mention, I'm getting involve in ciggarettes. Hey, I starve AND smoke. How problematic am i? I don't want to be the next Britney Spears, neither the next Lindsanity Lohan. No offence to LiLo's fans out there, because I love Lindsay.

I tend to break down easily. Even when I misplaced my pink Minnie Mouse pendrive, i thought I lost it, I started to weep. Till one of my friend was actually having it, she found it in the lab during class. When I'm doing my assignment, I'm stuck during the assignment, couldn't think of anything but our memories, couldn't focus, when I left a few more hours before the submission, I start to weep. & my friend would comfort me and guide me. When I got a very very bad grade, I weep. Even doing this, I'm starting to weep. My bestf in college is gone, because she has some problems that she has to settle. & I'm missing her so much, I miss talking to her, I miss her presence and her jokes, I start to weep.

This is not me. I don't weep when I'm stuck during an essay or assignment. I don't weep when I lost my pendrive. I don't weep when I got bad grades, but yes I will be depressed, but not weep. Not in public or in class or outside the hall!

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I don't want to be this emotional person. I really am not. Seriously. But, I'm becoming one..

Its weird that you can go on without me. You're doing so fine without me. I just wish I'm more like you. I just wish I could go on a day wearing that cap, going out with friends, not thinking about you nor anything, lighting that ciggarettes and laughing and have the time of my life with my friends, playing pool with a bunch of hot unknown guys, giggling and flirting, being super duper nice and agreeing to go out with guys. I wish I could all those. I wish I could do it, just like how you did it. It looks simple. But no. I couldn't. I realise what I'm doing to myself. But, I couldn't help it. Thats how much the damage has caused in me. I could not stand back up after the fall. Nobody told me it was this difficult and hard.

I hate who I've become. I really do. But I just can't stop doing it again and again.
Stupid much? Maybe..